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  1. Wow! I am planning a Walt Scott post as well, but I see I will have to refer to this page! Additionally I have quite a few of Scott's political cartoons from the late forties on my blog and coming up and I would like to showcase his version of Captain Easy with color and black and white material.


  2. No, wow! (and thanks) for your wonderful blog and your great posts about Walt Scott.

    This blog is only a small personal place to put together some of the comics that I like. Do not mean a research work and maybe that's why I made the mistake of not mention the sources for some of the images from other blogs.Sorry.

    I wish someday a publisher will be encouraged to rescue the wonderful work of this great cartoonist


    Walt Scott at The Fabuleous Fifties

  3. Hi, I am Mike Scott, Walt Scott's grandson (actual one of many). I live in Cleveland, Ohio area and would like to share info about him. concordhvac@oh.rr.com or 216-407-5275